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About Jinmao


JINMAOTEX was founded in 1960, now it is the leading company in southwest China for textile parts and accessories.

JINMAOTEX shares Chongqing Jinmao Impex Co., Ltd.  Hebei Yuzhou Jinmao Co., Ltd.

JINMAOTEX has product stock and sales centers in provinces of Shandong, Henan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi etc.


Enterprise Tenet: customer first, quality best

Enterprise Philosophy: innovation is soul, customer is god

Enterprise Spirit: teamwork, innovation, diligence, pursuit

Enterprise Value: high efficiency, quick execution, value by good result


Every year, we supply 550,000 boxes ring travellers, 12 million steel rings,  150,000 m steel reed, 10,000m air jet reed,

Used for spinning and weaving of different fibers,cotton, worsted, jute, silk etc.


With production experience of more than 50 years, Motto of “Innovation is soul, customer is god”, we will carry forward the spirit of making the first and keep up with the times, JINMAOTEX is always pleased to become and be your reliable partner in and from China.

Identification mark:

Enterprise development vision:

"Specialized, fine, and the new" for the development direction, in the country's largest steel wire circle of product research and development, manufacturing enterprises, on the basis of one of the world first-class steel products manufacturing enterprise

  •   Golden cat idea: let the world spin yarn, weave cloth
  •   Kingcat vision: where there are textiles, where there are golden cats
  •   Golden cat philosophy: innovation is soul, customer is day
  •   Golden cat spirit: never satisfied, strive for first
  •   Golden cat style: quick response, down-to-earth
  •   The golden cat promised: trust, call, count, play
  •   Golden cat employee value orientation: love, dedication and dedication